Alternative Well-Being Technique


Mental calm, interior peace and general well-being, that's what's waiting for you with Reiki – and nothing less. The chance to bring together "the universal energy" with your own "vital force". So, let the force be with you helping you to reconnect with yourself!

75 min. $90.00


Do you suffer from...

If you feel fatigued, depressed. If you are lacking clarity, direction in life or even stuck repeating the same patterns over and over again, you may have some energetic blockages that are stopping you from achieving your full potential.

Energetic healing treatments are techniques that aids the body in releasing these energetic blocks, stress and tension by creating deep relaxation and rebalancing the body's energy centers (known as chakras).

Disease (dis-ease) or perhaps not feeling 100% is the result of the body and its energy system being out of balance. The human body possesses an enormous, astonishing capacity to heal itself and with energetic healing we can work with the body's energy into healing itself on many different levels.

Balanced chakras are very important for optimum body function as well as living a healthy and harmonious life 😊.


75 min. $90.00
90 min. $110.00


A Technique to Break the Existence of Emotional Overload in Time.

Negative emotions are a direct consequence of our deepest fears. They are created from the painful experiences of our parental and prenatal experience. These fears are part of the vibratory origin of all that we draw into our lives and the creation of our traumas. If the quest for our life is to gain access to well-being and come to love yourself unconditionally, we must heal ourselves of these fears. By recognizing the vibration of this negative emotion, we can then come to understand where it comes from and who it really belongs to and to annihilate the resonance that disturbs our behavior and our well-being.

Area of RESET application:

90 min. $110.00


Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy used to reprogram the subconscious mind. When under hypnosis, you put your mind and body into a heightened state of learning, making you more susceptible to suggestions for self-improvement or behavior modification. The goal is to put the subconscious and conscious mind in harmony, which in turn helps give you greater control over your behavior and emotions.

Hypnotherapy is not like what you see in stage shows, where you'll often see people barking like a dog or clucking like a chicken. There are no swinging pocket watches. In a hypnotherapy session, you are in control the whole time. You will hear the suggestions made to you, and you will be able to remember them after the session.

During your first session, you will likely begin by telling the therapist about your goals and issues. Hypnosis for weight loss or to quit addictive behaviors like smoking or drinking, is how most people think of hypnosis. While people do often seek hypnosis therapy for these reasons, there are other reasons too, like increasing self-esteem. It can also be used to deal with chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, fears, etc.

60 min. $80.00
90 min. $100.00

Life Coach / Ink Reading (Encromancia)

Life Coach / Ink Reading (Encromancia)

Ink Reading is an unknown revealing Art form illustrating a portrait of loads of information originating from different sources such as negative memories and emotions which we carry on.

Combined with the Ink Reading, we offer Life Coach Sessions helping you to overcome your fears, anxieties, phobias and unwanted life patterns. We will assist you in providing tools to increase your self-esteem as well as enhancing your self-confidence to achieve your goals and full potential.

Come and live this life changing experience!!!

90 min. $100.00


As corporate downsizing continues, more tasks are performed by fewer workers, adding to an already stressful work environment. When the deadlines are crushing and keeping up with all the new technology has you over-whelmed, stress becomes a major enemy for your employees and corporation. Realizing that preventative measures are needed, many business and corporations are investing heavily in wellness programs for the work place. Many business are finding that work-site massage can be an important part of a successful wellness program.

Massage therapy is extremely beneficial for the overall well-being of any individual. Besides relaxation and stress management, there are several immeasurable results, such as satisfying the need for touch, balancing energy and stimulating mental alertness. A skillful massage has a positive effect on every system of the body.

What exactly is Chair Massage Therapy?

Chair massage therapy differs in many aspects to table massage therapy. Chair massage or seated massage is done in a specially designed chair. Recipients usually receive a treatment on tensed areas such as the neck, shoulders, back, head, arms and hands. Legs may also be included. Those receiving the treatment remain fully clothed and there are no oils applied. Chair massage is appropriate for many occasions and for everyone. Elderly and pregnant women can especially benefit from chair massages.

Because unclothing is unnecessary, embarrassment is eliminated and the massage can be performed in public. The workspace needed may even be just large enough to walk around the chair so no special rooms are required.

The last great thing about chair massage therapy is that only 15 minutes can be sufficient to radically change the body and mind states. Rate is based on $1.35 per minute, making this unique treatment affordable for anyone.

$1.35 per minute
Minimum fee is $200.00