Hands & Feet

Hands & Feet

Manicure $22.00
With Shellac or Orly Gel $41.00
Extra French $ 6.00+

S.P.A. Manicure

This citrus oil-infused facial will hydrate and replenish your hands to give you a more youthful looking skin. The oil feeds the skin with exfoliating and moisturizing nutrients. $35.00

«Haute Couture» Pedicure

Let yourself rock in a wave. A whirlpool for the feet and a vibro-massage for the body. Plus profit from all of the following steps of foot care. 
- Bath with essential oils GEHWOL
- Sablage 
- Exfoliation 
- Cuticule and nail treatments  
- Menthol wrap 
- A foot dream massage with the GEHWOL cream
- Application of polish
90 min
With paraffin treatment $12.00+
With reflexology $15.00+
With Shellac $20.00+

S.P.A. Pedicure

50 min
With Shellac $20.00
French Pedicure $8.00+

Hand Care (no polish)

Exfoliation and hydrating treatment of the hands
20 min

Simultaneous Feet and Hands "Haute Couture" with an "Oxygen glow" facial

100 min $135.00
With Shellac $38.00+
With paraffin treatment $22.00+