Contour and body Shape

Body contouring benefits and reduction in circumferential measurements may also be achieved in some, but not all patients SEE THE Body MASS INDEX (BMI). The application of ELOS is intended to heat the adipose tissue contributing to congested tissue. The hyperthermic effect on these fat cells increases the metabolism of stored energy (lipolysis), thereby reducing or shrinking the size of the actual fat chamber. Shrinkage of the fat chamber reduces the bumpiness of skin, which is caused by distended fat cell protruding up from the anchored connective tissue. The mechanical action of the rollers gently kneads the skin and facilitates deeper penetration of heat. This may also stretch the connective tissue temporarily giving the skin surface a smoother appearance as early as four treatments. The suction that is applied to the skin dilates the blood vessels and improves local circulation to the skin.

There are two applicators that may be used during the VelaShape™ treatment. The VSmooth Applicator utilizes infrared, radio-frequency and mechanical manipulation by vacuum and massage rollers. It is designed for the treatment of large body areas such as thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. Calves and arms that area large enough may be also treated by the VSmooth Applicator.

The VContour Applicator utilizes infrared, radio-frequency, and mechanical manipulation by vacuum only. It is designed for the treatment of small body areas such as calves, arms, bra-line, under-chin, and face, as well as for reinforcement of results achieved by the VSmooth Applicator.

Also possible to add the skin tightening GMAX PRO treatment, we will offer you a free consultation and create a personal program according to your needs.